Reading the News: The Benefits

      Reading the News: The Benefits无评论


It’s been established many times: Newspapers and online publications are important career tools. From seekers of Singapore jobs to seekers of employment status advancement, reading the news will  help to secure a favourable position for any success seeker in the recruitment in Singapore arena. Just in case you haven’t realised these benefits yet, here they are:

1) You will always be in the know. Keeping in touch with the latest goings-on in the jobs market will raise your employee qualifications by a notch. Your meetings will always be productive, so will be your reports. You will also improve your forecasting skills because you will  get yourself familiarised  with the tendencies of the Singapore industries in the process.

2) You will be the first one to know all about the newest openings. As a jobseeker who is competing in a highly competitive market, this is definitely a big advantage for you. Reading the news can even help jobseekers predict those openings that are yet to come. They will be able to prepare for these openings rightfully and thoroughly and still be the first one to submit an application. See how beneficial this can get? You just have to read the business section regularly for press releases and other updates on certain companies’ hiring plans for the months to come.

3) You will sharpen your “by the moment” decision making skills. Critical things that need decisions are not an uncommon thing in the Singapore work world. Having the habit of reading periodicals will, naturally, make you more adept when it comes to making decisions. You know what’s going on. You have a pretty good idea of  what’s happening around; as such, you can quantify the pros and cons of certain given options faster than non-readers of newspapers, if not in an instant.

4) You will prevent more stress from coming your way. Newspapers, after all, do not just contain the latest stock exchanges, business insights, and political agendas. Reading the newspaper daily is also a good way to relax even for a little bit. There’s the lifestyle section where you can read about the latest fashion styles and home decorating trends. And then, there’s also the games section which  can help you get your head out of problems even for a little bit of time.

5) You will improve your networking prowess. Not only do newspapers and journals carry around postings about networking parties and job fairs with networking aspects, but they also carry around interesting trivias and other information that would prove useful as conversation starters. A wide reader makes a good conversationalist; being in the know will add up to your confidence in terms of meeting “Strangers” and converting them to “Friends”.

These are just 5 of the many benefits that you will get from reading the newspaper everyday.

Are you a newspaper reader? Don’t hesitate to share yo us what you’ve been reaping from this habit in relation to your career. The comments section welcomes you message.